You Can’t Do It All!

Let’s face it, building and running a business can be tough.

You’ve got to be the prospector, and the marketeer.  You’ve got to go out networking, build the relationships, make the sales and follow them up.  

Then you’ve got to deliver the service and deal with the customers or clients.  

And, you’ve also got to do the numbers.

The fact is that none of us have the full toolkit required to run a business which is why we could all do with delegating some aspects of our business activity to an expert so that we can get on with doing the bits that we’re good at!


So, what could you delegate to someone else, either because you are so busy, or because you’re no good at it?

Write that down.

And who do you know in your network that is an expert in that area that you could delegate that activity to?

Write their name down.

Then why not get in touch with that person now and discuss how you might work together.

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