Who Could You Collaborate With?

We often talk about collaboration being a powerful way to grow and run a business.

Collaboration is key both from an internal and an external perspective

From an INTERNAL perspective, collaborating enables you to gain additional skills to be able to grow and run your business effectively, without having to develop them yourself!  

It also enables you to create your dream team, from the obvious accountant/bookkeeper, to your IT support, business mentor/coach and your social media or marketing expert.

From an EXTERNAL perspective, collaborating with others enables you to provide a more complete offering to your clients, so that they don’t experience the risk associated with working with a One-Man-Band and get a better solution in the process.

It also allows you stay within your capability and expertise, so that you play to your strengths and stay loyal to your offering.

At enACT, our members understand the power of collaboration and use our Collaboration Club to source collaboration partners and opportunities.

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