What’s Your Default?

This week we are focusing on the second A of Accountability:  Activity.

So, what do I mean by Activity?  

Well, on one level, it’s obvious: if you’re going to make things happen in your business, you need to DO stuff!

But how do you ensure that you’re doing the RIGHT stuff?

You know what it’s like:

You set your goals with enthusiasm and good intent.

The first couple of items get done and that relieves the short term pressure, but somehow, the non-urgent, or non-interesting stuff just doesn’t get done.  The problem is that it is precisely these activities that will take your business forward!

Create a default diary!

I’ve talked about this before, but it’s so important to your activity that I’m reminding you again!  A Default Diary is a way of planning your recurring obligations and activities into your schedule so that you don’t have to worry about when you’ll get them done.  This includes paperwork and filing, marketing and social media, client follow-up and invoicing right through to your weekly chat with your mother if you want to!

Putting these into a Default Diary means that you can forget about having to plan for the basics each week and, instead, focus on activity that will grow your business.

So, what would you put into YOUR Default Diary?  Could you have a ‘Money Monday’, or a ‘Finance Friday’?  Could you have ‘Admin AM’s’?  You get the picture.

We operate a Default Diary here and wouldn’t be without it now!  Go on!  Give it a go!

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