What Would You Need To BELIEVE?

This week we are focused on Mindset.  

Mindset essentially refers to our predominant mental attitude and it plays an essential role in business success.

When we FEEL positive, we perceive and expect positive outcomes and this results in the outcomes we expect. However, equally, when we FEEL negative, we perceive negative outcomes which results in the outcomes we expect

So, today, ask yourself what three things you would need to believe 100% in order to create the business results you want and write them down.

Then create three statements beginning with the words “I believe…” and say them to yourself daily …starting today.

You’ll be surprised what a difference this small mindset shifting technique can make!

I will be in touch on Friday as normal so, in the meantime, have a great week and why not come and share your “I believe…” statement in The Business enACTers Group on Facebook?

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