There is nothing you can possibly say…

This week, we’re focusing on marketing, and when it comes to marketing, there is nothing you can possibly say about your business that will mean more to a potential client than what your clients say about it.

This is called Social Proof and it’s an essential part of the marketing mix.

So, today, why not take a few minutes to list three clients or customers who you can contact to ask for a testimonial, and then rather than simply ask for a testimonial, provide them with some specific questions for them to answer?

These are the questions I ask:

What was the situation BEFORE we worked together?
What specifically did we do?
What was the improved situation AFTER we worked together?
What would you say to someone considering working with me?

Asking questions likes these not only makes it easy for them to respond quickly, but it also ensures that the testimonial itself is focused on the specific value you bring and therefore attracts the clients you want.

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