Meet the team that supports our members to grow their business month on month.

Tamsen Garrie
Founder and Director

Having had a successful HR career in the corporate sector and having worked at director level, leading the growth of the UK’s largest joined up business network, Tamsen went on to write the landmark book ‘The Act Of Attraction In Business’ and to create ‘The Team Alignment Method’ before founding enACT in 2013.

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enACT related:

Mobile:07525 234 180

Gary Johannes
Director Of Growth

Having worked in RAF, direct sales, the entertainment and licence trade and having led the growth of the largest joined up business network in the UK before founding the UK’s leading provider of solution focused hypnotherapy services nationally, Gary Johannes is the ideal Director of Growth for enACT.

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Mobile:07780 592 625

Ali Hollands
Leader – Maidstone

With a passion and a natural talent for facilitating the road to brilliance for people and having worked in small business almost exclusively, Ali is very familiar with the challenges faced by small business owners.

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Mobile: 07957 573 681

Niki Matyjasik
Leader – Bristol

Having spent 15 years as a buyer and with the enviable skill ofcreating systems and processes to reduce frustration and overwhelm, Niki’s passion is helping others to develop and achieve their full potential.

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Mobile: 07720 887 080

Lisa Wolfe
Leader -Canterbury

Having spent 14 years serving in the Royal Air Force in support of specialist teams, Lisa is a decorated veteran and with a degree in Psychology as well as numerous diplomas, she’s developed a knack for facilitating change.

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Mobile: 07402 868 658

Caroline Prout
Leader – Peterborough

Having built and run her own successful businesses and as a mentor to others building theirs, Caroline has a passion for helping people to realise their full potential and make things happen.

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Mobile: 07729 801 247

Jen Gill
Membership Coordinator

Having worked in many small businesses, as a Business Manager, and with a “launch” mentality (she loves the adrenaline rush that goes with working to deadlines!), Jen get’s a kick out of helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals.  

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Mobile: 07528 659 563

“I was keen to grow my business and so I became an enACT member. I achieved great results as a result of the structure and my turnover is now five times what it was 18 months ago – I owe a huge amount of that growth to enACT. Because I love to help other businesses grow, being part of that journey for them as an enACT Leader is very rewarding”.

Niki Matyjasik -enACT Leader

“Leading my own accountability group means that I get to experience all the benefits of being a member and as well as an additional income stream, I have become a key person of influence in my local business community.”

Ali Hollands
Leader – Maidstone

“The enACT LEADers Accountability Programme has enabled me to grow my own business. Far more valuable than the financial reward is the group of peers I have to support me.”

Lou Macdonald
Leader – Weston

“There’s an absolute strength in numbers, and in business, you need to surround yourself with people who you can trust, and who want you to succeed. The enACT formula offers exactly that, and because of this, EVERYONE sees their business grow, change or become more stable.”

Lisa Wolfe
Leader -Canterbury