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If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, let us show you how we can help!

Even when you’re highly motivated to succeed, none of us have the knowledge, skills and experience to tackle every aspect of business well.

It can soon feel overwhelming:  There’s nobody to bounce ideas off.  Business plans get shelved.
And mundane (but business critical) tasks languish on your to-do list for weeks.

This is why even the world’s most successful business owners rely on the support and guidance of coaches, mentors, and mastermind groups to drive their business success.

Join us at one of our FREE Mastermind Taster Sessions and see for yourself how by leveraging the power of peer-to-peer coaching, collaborative problem solving and accountability, you can drive your business growth!

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What Happens In An enACT Business Growth Session?


You and between four and six other business owners come together for an afternoon to work ON your business, facilitated by an experienced enACT Leader.  


You use this dedicated slot to identify the most pressing issue in your business right now and gain valuable input from others to resolve that issue.


You set achieveable goals based on your ACT SLOT and commit to specific actions that you will do, achieve or complete to drive your business forwards.

Our members move their business forward consistently month on month, improving their business model and processes, automating their marketing systems, increasing their sales and maximising their profits…

Because We Make Sure Of It!


We are looking forward to showing you how peer-to-peer coaching and collaborative
problem solving can help you take that next step forward in your business!

If there are no Tasters coming up in your area, please get in touch anyway!
We might run one in your area just for you.

“A great opportunity to shine a light on your business, get insight and identify clear action points that will benefit it straight away.” Fenella Hemus

Above Beyond Coaching

“I attended a session 18 months into my business and could see that having the support and accountability element of enACT was right for me, so I joined!” Richard Jay

Taylor Boyle

“It’s surprising how many solutions and ideas came up in the conversation to challenges that I didn’t even realise I had!

Thanks for holding this crucial space to focus ON my business instead of burying myself IN it”. Amy Morse

Learn To Love Your Words

“A great way to get the support of a bunch of like-minded business people all willing you to succeed, led by two amazing and dynamic people who really know their stuff!” Robyn Harris


“A safe place to view your business in 4 specific areas which each require attention. Perfect for medium sized business owners who may be feeling alone, perhaps lack experience in developing a business and need a holding hand.” Nina Mayler

Mayler Management Coaching