The enACT story begins in 2007 when founder Tamsen Garrie
returned to the UK after 4 years in Melbourne, Australia…

Tam With A Plan

Nicknamed ‘Tam With A Plan’ in her twenties for her natural planning ability, Tamsen achieved all of her goals, only to find at 28 that she had ‘successfully’ walked herself ‘successfully’ into being miserable and unwell.

Midlife Crisis

What she now refers to as her ‘midlife crisis’ led to her throwing her life in the air, leaving her job, selling her house and travelling 12,000 miles across the globe to retrain in Psychology, Hypnosis and Conflict Resolution in Melbourne, Australia.

After finishing 3 years of full-time study, including a masters with distinction, the Director of the Academy offered her a lecturing position.  As flattered as Tamsen was to be asked, she had a vision to enable people to achieve success on a much larger scale and so coupled with her determination to live by the sea, she moved back to the UK, to a small town in South Wales.

Business Success

With no contacts in South Wales, she was forced to go out networking and that’s how she stumbled across 4Networking – then a small aspiring business networking organisation who had just launched across the water from Somerset.

Tamsen saw the potential to grow her business using the network and this she did in record time, creating a full practice whilst simultaneously building 4N in South Wales from one group, to 16 thriving groups in 8 months.  She quickly developed to Regional Leader and then to Director and Shareholder by August 2008.

A Business Growth Platform

When Tamsen took on the challenge of developing 4Networking from a small aspiring business network with both structural and financial challenges to a national business growth platform, it was her HR background and operational strength, combined with an inherent understanding of leadership and people that resulted in the acceleration of 4N’s growth to the sustainable business that it was when she sold her shares in November 2011.

As the Network Director she delivered the leadership strategy, processes, systems and training to marry the mechanics of what needed to be ‘done’ in the business, with the relaxed and informal culture of the business, whilst giving it more direction, more purpose and more meaning.  This culminated in the co-creation of The 4N Way, a route map to take members from a place of fear and scarcity to a place of independence and self-belief, enabling their national team of 100 Area and Regional Leaders to successfully distribute the leadership of the culture through a team of 1,000 team members to the thousands of members nationwide…

Business Coaching and Mentoring

Since leaving 4Networking, Tamsen has built her own independent business and has continued her business and personal development education and training.  She went on to write the book: The Act Of Attraction In Business, and to create her online programme Twelve Steps To Traction, whilst also consulting with small businesses on Vision, Mindset and Strategy, Leadership and Team Alignment, and running a number of high-end Mastermind Groups.

A Meaningful Collaboration

Whilst Tamsen enjoyed business success in her own right, she felt limited in the impact she could have on the wider business community and so when the time was right, she founded enACT and enACT LEADers and brought previous 4N National Leader, Gary Johannes into the business as Director of Growth to work with her to build the platform.

I actually now feel I can achieve the growth that I want.  enACT has been hugely beneficial for my business and me as a business owner.  It has allowed to me take time out of my day to day operations to concentrate on what I need to do to grow my business.  I would highly recommend any business owner who wants to grow their business but feels that they don’t have the time or support to do so, or just doesn’t know how to, to join enACT as it really works.
mi Jones, aible (Workplace Health and HR Solutions) Ltd

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