Running your own business is easy right?

You know your stuff, you’re free from the company politics, baggage and restraints and now you can just get on with it.

The problem is – it’s just not that simple!

There are so many different aspects to running a business and the truth is that you don’t have the full skill-set to do it all – none of us do.

Now, you could spend your time attending every seminar and webinar out there to develop expertise in all the areas you’re weak in but, let’s be honest, if you attempted to do it all, you’d not excel at anything!

And even if you did, learning everything there is to know about building and running a business just isn’t efficient use of your time – you have clients to serve and bills to pay!

The solution is to collaborate with people who have the skills and expertise that you don’t!

Collaboration is key both from an internal AND an external perspective:

  • From an internal perspective, collaborating enables you to gain additional skills to be able to grow and run your business effectively, without having to develop them yourself!  It also enables you to create your dream team, from the obvious accountant/bookkeeper, to your IT support, business mentor/coach and your social media or marketing expert.
  • From an external perspective, collaborating with others enables you to provide a more complete offering to your clients, so that they don’t experience the risk associated with working with a One-Man-Band and get a better solution in the process.  It also allows you stay within your capability and expertise, so that you play to your strengths and stay loyal to your offering.

Collaboration can take many forms, from a simple direct swap of services, to payment for introductions, to an actual Joint Venture where you team up with others to provide a broader range of skills or services and share the revenue equally.

So, consider how you could collaborate, with whom and with what end purpose and then why not book a 1-2-1 with that person today – you may find that they’ve been looking for you too!

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