Build Your Business Around Your Strengths!

Last week, I encouraged you to think about what you are really BAD at and the reason I did that is that with that insight (or reminder!), you will come to fully appreciate the importance of playing to your strengths when you have your own business.

So what is a STRENGTH?

Often, we think of our ‘strengths’ as being the things that we are good at.  However, a strength is not just something that you do well, a strength is something that you do well AND that you enjoy doing.  

A strength is something that, when you do it, it makes you feel STRONGER because it energises you.  That’s why it’s called a STRENGTH

  • So, what do you do in your business that you are both good at AND that you enjoy?
  • What have you done in your life that made you feel energised?
  • What could you talk about or do for hours without tiring?
  • And, what would you do even if you didn’t get paid?

These are your REAL strengths.

When you build a business around playing to your strengths, then your business really starts to move.

So why not take some time to answer the questions above and then come and share your strengths on the Business enACTers Group on Facebook?

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