A Business Growth Platform for more consistent business results

Are you happy with the progress you made in your business in the last month?  

Or does your to-do list still look the same as it did a few weeks ago?  

If it does, you may be suffering from a lack of accountability in your business.

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Even the world’s most successful entrepreneurs say the key to their success is having someone to answer to. Whether that’s a coach, a mentor, or a mastermind group, it’s a clear endorsement for the power of accountability and collaboration.

A dedicated business coach can be a big investment for a very small business and like modern group mentoring programmes, it only gives you one person’s perspective.  

Real masterminding combines peer-to-peer mentoring, collective problem solving and accountability – all at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated coach.

Real Masterminding: How does enACT work?

An enACT accountability meeting involves up to eight smart, driven, and trusted business owners and one skilled leader who facilitates the unique meeting format.

We work hard to ensure there is a good balance of knowledge, skills and experience in the group, so you benefit from a range of perspectives – whatever the issue.

Each member shares their own insights and ideas on the other members business in order to help them make decisions about their next steps to enable them to grow.  

The leader then manages the enACT accountability process, which includes monthly buddy calls and weekly accountability prompts to ensure that every member remains focused throughout the month and keeps on track.

We all want to see each other succeed and so we make sure of it!

The enACT meeting format

We meet for one afternoon a month and follow the same format:


You report back to the group on your progress, based on the
specific actions you committed to
at the previous months meeting – and the group celebrates your success.


You use this dedicated and expertly facilitated slot to work on your business, identifying the most pressing issue in your business
and gaining input from other members.


You set achieveable goals based on your ACT SLOT and commit to specific actions that you will do, achieve or complete before the next meeting to drive your business forwards.

We won’t lie, if you’re not used to being accountable for your business growth, this process can be uncomfortable at first.  However, if you are committed to driving your business forwards, the genuine success you can achieve, in incremental but measurable steps, is very real.

Supporting online member resources


Create your vision, align your mindset and formulate your plan with VMA For Business, which complements the enACT process.


Watch relevant and practical bite-sized training in the key business areas of Sales & Marketing, People, Operations and Finance.


Meet members from across the country to build relationships and seek advice, feedback, support and collaboration partners.

Your commitment to your business when you join enACT


enACT members commit to one half-day meeting per month. For the best results, we advise that you retain your membership for at least six months. As our members build a close and trusted relationship with the rest of their group, we implement a three-month notice period.


For the group to work, we ask you to commit wholeheartedly to the success of your business during your membership. Likewise a dedication to supporting others in your group is essential. In return you’ll find your own knowledge and confidence increase as you’re exposed to – and challenged by – a spectrum of external insights and ideas.


Your financial commitment is £125 per month, payable on the first day of every month.

There are enACT groups around the country, and more launching in 2017.
Have a look at our Groups page to find one near you.

“Now I’m focused on the right thing and revenue is up!

Before joining enACT, my motivation was low and the business was suffering as a result. I knew there was more to be doing but my mindset wasn’t right and in turn I was punishing myself.

I’m only accountable to myself and so excuses were easy to come by. I specifically joined enACT to take action. I owed it to my team.

Since joining enACT, my motivation is up.  I’ve got a network of people I trust and being accountable is empowering too.

To anyone considering joining enACT, I would say that the mixture of ideas, experience and differing points of view is brilliant.  It’s hard to get that internally in a business where ego and self-preservation can underlie what’s really being suggested”.

Eddie Johnson

Managing Director, Hat Trick Media

People who have accountability in their business achieve more and faster than those working alone

I honestly can’t recommend enACT highly enough!

Before I joined enACT, I thought I had a pretty good business.

Since joining, I have a far more ‘forward thinking’ perspective on where to go from here and as a result over the months, I have stripped my business back to the roots and have completely changed my business plan.

The accountability aspect of enACT has been the thing that has made me stick to it and my business has grown!

Caroline Williams,
Devallenger Design

Join an enACT Mastermind Group for a fraction of the costs of a dedicated Business Coach

“By having other business owners helping me bring my business to the forefront and making me be accountable for change, I am now moving forward with stronger values and goals than ever before.”

Hazel Theocharus

Learn, Grow, Transform