OMBDW blog picI remember the day that my fellow director first publicly stated this to a room of a hundred One-Man-Bands who were also our team of leaders at 4Networking!

He was lucky he wasn’t lynched!

However, having worked with and supported literally thousands of small businesses over the past 6 years, I absolutely know this to be true and I’ll explain why…

So why do One-Man-Bands not work?

In short it’s because none of us have a full tool kit to grow and run a business and we need the support and the skills of others in order to scale and grow.  There are lots of reasons for this, but for now let’s look at one of them: Answerability.

The first challenge of being a One-Man-Band, is that you are not answerable to anybody (aside from yourself) and this presents a number of issues.  Of course, you undoubtably meet deadlines for your clients, the truth is, your clients are only interested in whether or not you deliver to them.  Who is driving your growth and the growth of your business?

You know what it’s like…  You set your goals and priorities with enthusiasm and good intent.  The first couple of items get done, and that relieves the short term pressure.  But, somehow, all the other stuff just doesn’t get done.  After all no great calamity is going to happen if you don’t do them, and who is going to know anyway?

The problem is that it is precisely the non-urgent, important activities that will take your business forward and it’s these activities that need to get done, relentlessly week on week month on month, otherwise you’ll be doing the same old things in the same old ways and then you’ll wondering why your business is not any better!

So what can you do about it? 

Here are some simply Accountability Measures you can implement to keep you on track:

  1. HOURLY MEASURE: The Qualifier Question
    As you go about your day to day business there is a seemingly constant barrage of interruptions and distractions as well as decisions to be made.  To avoid the trap of attending to the most pleasurable or most urgent activity and instead focus on the one that will move you forward towards the outcome you want, ask yourself a simply Qualifer Question.  For example “Will this move me forwards towards my goal?”.  The answer to this question must be YES.  If it is NO, then drop it right away.  And, by the way MAYBE is the same as NO!
  2. DAILY MEASURE:  The Daily Accountability Tool
    This tool is available for free at and daily use of it will enable you to get clear on what’s important to get done TODAY and to schedule your time so that it does.  The daily discipline of using this tool has delivered extraordinary results for many, including us at enACT Central!
  3. WEEKLY MEASURE:  The Default Diary
    There are some activities that need to be done in your business every single week and it can really help to have those mapped out in your diary in advance so that you become disciplined at doing them.  Obviously it’s important to fit the timings to suit your style and your business, but consider things like Follow-Up-Friday, Website-Wednesday, Admin-Afternoon and so on.  This way, you ensure that key actions occur consistently.
  4. MONTHLY MEASURE: The Accountability Buddy
    Find someone in business who you can trust to buddy up with and share your vision, goals and plan with.  Then commit to them the things you plan to DO, ACHIEVE or COMPLETE this month and then make sure that you report back to them.  There is nothing quite like having someone you like, trust and respect to hold you to account month on month.

I hope this has been useful and would love to hear how you get on implementing these 4 Accountability measures in your business!

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