Here’s what some of our members say about the impact of enACT on them and their business…  (click here for video testimonials)

“In just 5 months, we have seen a 20% increase in revenue!”

“Before I joined enACT, we had lots of work but I personally had no one to hold me accountable for working ON the business.

My experience of enACT has been very positive and productive.  It has given me headspace and a valuable sounding board, and being held accountable and having to front up to local business owners every month has driven me to complete my actions.  Since joining there has been a massive improvement in my business in terms of its systems and processes and as a result, in just 5 months, we have seen a 20% increase in revenue!”

Steve Smith

Managing Director, Sphere Risk Health Safety Management Ltd

“My business has quadrupled!”

“I met Tamsen networking and connected with her as I loved her style, approach & confidence.  I knew I had so much more I could offer in my business and I was not sure about how to take the next steps, so I approached Tamsen as I wanted to work with someone who quite clearly walked the talk.

Tamsen and I worked together on enACT, where I helped to deliver the implementation of the social media on a weekly basis.  We had discussions early on about me leading an enACT Group of my own and so with this in mind I wanted to experience the process and see the impact it could have on my business first.  So I joined as a member.

As a result of being involved with enACT as a member for 10 months and now as a leader for 12, my business has quadrupled, my first enACT Group is thriving and I am about to launch a second group.  Tamsen has supported this development through continually coaching and guiding me and encouraging me every step of the way”.

Niki Matyjasik

Owner, Business Buddy

“I now have a team where before I was completely alone”

“Before I joined enACT, I had just started operating and I felt a little lost and alone. I knew what I was doing in terms of my work, but as a business, it was all a bit overwhelming.  The idea of having a team of people to support me was really appealing!

I thought I knew what I wanted and where I was going but I soon realised that I didn’t have a clue!  Working through the vision process was invaluable to me and it has given me a very definite destination to work towards, which the monthly enACT meetings then help me to break up into bite-sized milestones!

The work we do together and for one another is hugely impactful.  It is great to be taken outside of yourself, to stop and think about what you are doing, how you feel and why you react in a certain way.  I’ve realised that MY WAY isn’t the only way and enACT helps to reinforce that.

After six months in enACT, I have great focus and drive. I now have a team where before I was completely alone.  I have increased sales and have a clear financial target and as a result, I feel more confident and comfortable with my business and what I can offer.

To anyone considering joining enACT, I would say “Get on board, have an open mind, don’t think you know it all and if you do then come and share it!”

Paul Furness

Owner, Petal To The Metal

“I made more money in 5 months in enACT than I did in the previous 5 years!”

“Without enACT I would never have been so honest with myself about my business challenges and therefore would never have overcome them.  I look forward to the monthly meetings because I enjoy being both challenged and supported by the members of the group who I consider to be my team now.  The most significant benefit I’ve had as a result of joining enACT is that I have achieved so much more in my business.  Specifically, the accountability and collaborative problem solving that enACT provides has made a huge difference, because having the group hold me accountable for results means that I am motivated to bring my proposed actions to fruition.  As a result, I made more money after 5 months in enACT than I made in the previous 5 years!

The team work happens in the room on the day of the monthly meeting, but also we are a team outside the room, meaning I can always rely on them for ideas and support anytime.  Sharing problems and ideas can be difficult, but the group respects each other which means we feel safe in sharing our innermost thoughts, that we might not share with our friends or family.

enACT is the best thing to happen to my business, and it can be for yours too – Do it, do it, do it!”

Debs Burrow

Owner, Inspired To Paint

“Now I’m focused on the right thing and revenue is up!”

“Before joining enACT, my motivation was low and the business was suffering as a result. I knew there was more to be doing but my mindset wasn’t right and in turn I was punishing myself. I’m only accountable to myself and so excuses were easy to come by. I specifically joined to take action. I owed it to my team.

Since joining enACT, my motivation is up.  I’ve got a network of people I trust for advice and whilst often you know the answers, sometimes you need to hear it from others. This is flowing into my team and we’re all taking more responsibility for the success of the business. Together.

Being accountable is empowering too. You don’t want to let others down and the group is a great way of ensuring you don’t! 

Hitting small, achievable targets are having large rewards too, for example simply focussing on appointments rather than values has increased our revenues. Before I was focussing on the money I had to bring in, but without the appointments first that wasn’t going to happen

To anyone considering joining an enACT Accountability Group, I would say that the mixture of ideas, experience and differing points of view is brilliant.  It’s hard to get that internally in a business where ego and self-preservation can underlie what’s really being suggested”.

Eddie Johnson

Managing Director, Hat Trick Media

“enACT has given me new clients!”

“Before joining enACT, I was struggling to know exactly where to take my business including whether my business name was right and if I was even focusing on the right target market! 

enACT has given me the confidence to really look into my business (and myself) and ask myself questions which I would never have even considered. I have faced the fear of growth and I have changed my business name and in fact my target audience by bringing back skills and expertise that I had left behind in my previous business but which I actually really love to do.  By having other business owners helping me bring my business to the forefront and making me be accountable for change, I am now moving forward with stronger values and goals than ever before.

I have gained a confidence which I never had prior to enACT which has in turn given me new clients which is leading to an understanding of how to approach my sales and marketing to lead to the target market I am after.

enACT is the must-have for micro/small business owners who are seeking to gain absolute clarity and focus in their business and who are not scared of facing their biggest fears and overcoming them with the wonderful other business owners who are supportive and help you stay accountable.

To anyone considering joining, I would say “If you want to grow your business, then this is the best way to do it”.  I am absolutely thrilled to have become a part of enACT and about where I can now see my business heading”.

Hazel Theocharous

Owner, Learn Grow Transform

“I honestly could not recommend enACT enough for small business owners!”

“I am always looking for ways to further my business and I was keen to give enACT a go as I liked the concept of a small group.

I have found the process excellent and I cannot believe the clarity it has given me. Having different opinions and ideas from other members in the group is invaluable.

Before I joined enACT, I thought I had a pretty good business.  However enACT has given me the tools to bring complete clarity to my business.  Over the months, I have really stripped it back to the roots, I have far more ‘forward thinking’ about where to from here and as a result, I have changed my business plan.  The accountability aspect of enACT has been the thing that has made me stick to the new business plan!

I honestly could not recommend enACT enough for small business owners.  I have attended a lot of coaching groups and this is truly something different. The fact that the members are hand-picked by the leader, allows cross overs with work but most importantly, offers the value of different backgrounds and perspective for each business. It is a strong and focused group that provides solid ideas that you would normally not encounter for your business. On top of that the members are all supportive and caring.

I am truly grateful for having been introduced to such a fantastic concept.  Throughout the year I have seen myself grow personally and I feel the clearest I have in such a long time.  On top of that have made some life-long friends”.

Caroline Williams

Owner, De Vallenger Design

“This programme is the nuts!”

“I’d heard the amazing success stories of business owners who had joined enACT and so when it was announced that enACT was coming to Maidstone, it was a no brainer for me.

Was I Sceptical at the first meeting ? Yes, I guess I was a little, after all I’d done 25+ years in business and some of these guys had done less than half of that.  But I have to tell you, it was so refreshing to sit with people who were experiencing the same issues in their business that I was.

The solutions offered by the group of varying backgrounds and skillsets to the problems I was having were not from some ‘know it all’ preaching text-book but rather they were in the form of incredibly sensible advice, from people who were like me living with the same issues right now.

Undoubtedly the biggest lesson I learned was the power that a group of diverse but also likeminded people working together on business challenges can bring and off the back of that incredible awakening, I have introduced key people to the board of the company and am enjoying the fruits of my own ‘in-house’ enACT Group (although I shall be forever grateful to my buddies at enACT Maidstone for their help, their support and their guidance).

Someone once said: “One man bands don’t work” and that’s true but enACT goes a hell of a way to changing that.

If you are fortunate enough to be invited into an enACT group, don’t think twice about your answer.  Grab the opportunity, because if I was to wind back the clock and was asked again, would I join enACT?? … You bet your life I would – it was what got this One Man Band working”.

Chas Jordan

Owner, Fair Contract Associates

“My progress has been stratospheric since joining enACT”

“The support of the other members, and knowing there is a safe place to question my actions and thoughts is priceless.

The most significant benefit I have received is being able to accept and give support from and to other group members.  The support and the collaboration is great and through being challenged and challenging others, it gives you an entirely new perspective on your approach to business, as well as the confidence to have a go.

To anyone considering joining enACT, I would say “Do it, go in open minded and with a long term view as it may take time for you to ‘get it’ and fully understand the value you are getting.  Play full out from day one and participate in your buddy calls for maximum results!”

Katie Day

Owner, HACCP, UK

“It’s like having a room full of business consultants at a fraction of the cost!”

“Before I joined enACT, I was an early stage start-up and so I joined for a different industry perspective.  What I found was a balanced team in terms of focus, priorities, strengths and experience. The small group of expert support and the confidentiality is the main value whilst the implementation of the advice received has given me a better business structure. As a result of enACT, I have a clearer vision and more focus than I did before.

To anyone considering joining an enACT Accountability Group, I would say “It’s like having a room full of business consultants at a fraction of the cost who truly understand what your business is facing.  It is a fantastic opportunity to learn from people with similar challenges and different experiences”.

Graham Kinns

Owner, Core Financial Services

“I actually now feel I can achieve the growth that I want”

“After being in business for 3 years, at the start of 2015 my business started a new chapter as my business partner retired and I took over the running of the business on my own.  I was excited about this prospect but also very nervous at the thought of having to manage things on my own and not having anyone to bounce things off anymore. 

I have now been a part of the Cardiff enACT Group for 5 months and it has been hugely beneficial for my business and me as a business owner as well.  It has allowed to me take time out of my day to day operations to concentrate on what I need to do to grow my business and I actually now feel I can achieve the growth that I want. 

More importantly the Group has provided me with a safe environment in which I can discuss my business and any concerns I have without feeling judged, and the other members are great at making valued suggestions to help with any situation.

I would highly recommend any business owner who wants to grow their business but feels that they don’t have the time or support to do so, or just doesn’t know how to, to join enACT as it really works”.

Ami Jones

Owner, aible (Workplace Health and HR Solutions) Ltd

“Commit to your journey and you don’t have to do it on your own”

“Before I joined enACT, I was frustrated with no regular business coming in monthly and I felt like I needed support and more direction in my business.

I have found the process to be transformational.  I have experienced a shift in my mindset, and self belief and I am progressing forward.

To anyone considering joining an enACT Accountability Group, I would say “Commit to the  journey and you don’t have to do it on your own”

Karolina Chesters

Owner, Body Vibe

“I feel extremely honoured to be able to contribute to my business community”

“Being a member of enACT has helped me focus on my goals and to be accountable to my peers.  The forum it provides to receive help, support and advice is invaluable as it helps you to understand that you are not out there on your own and other business owners are going through the same issues and challenges.

I would recommend all small business owners join enACT as it will help them get feedback from like-minded business owners on their products and services, solutions to any issues or challenges and a sounding board for their ideas and opportunities.  I feel extremely honoured to be able to contribute to my business community”.

Keith Truman

Owner, Trumen Property Maintenance

“Without enACT, I would have given up my business by now!”

“I have made tremendous progress in my business thanks to enACT.  I have deeply appreciated the focus on my business which has given me greater clarity on the value I bring and how to run my business effectively by using systems.  The key strength of enACT is accountability and the focus on the areas of your business that need it the most, whether that’s sales, marketing, people, operations or finance.  Having a group of business owners come together for half a day to work together collaboratively opens up your mind to new possibilities.  You also learn a lot from participating in the other members business slot and it feels really good to contribute to their success.

Meeting up every month has meant that I have developed strong relationships with a group of talented business owners who have encouraged me to be more authentic and true to what I value and believe in.   I have been challenged to become the leader and driver of my business and as a result, my business has grown, and my personal happiness has increased.  I feel incredibly blessed that I can share who I truly am and work through my business problems with the group, rather than soldiering on alone as I sense I probably would have quit and given up by now!  Instead I am reinventing myself and my business to serve my needs and make a difference to others.

If you are serious about growing your business and if you are committed to taking action then I would recommend joining enACT.  You will get immense benefit from it as long as you play full out. This means participating in the process fully, challenging yourself to take action each month, keeping in regular contact with your buddy and connecting regularly through the online group”.

Emily Miller

Owner, VA Goddess

“As a small business owner it is so easy to take your eye off your own vision – enACT ensures that you don’t!”

“The main strength of enACT is the monthly focus ‘on’ my business issues and discussing them with a peer group with a broad range of experience and knowledge who can make suggestions, or share how they fixed the issue themselves. We all have an inherent need to help others. 

As a small business owner it is so easy to take your eye off your own vision, but if you truly embrace a culture of honesty and asking for help, then enACT will help you to reach it.  By setting monthly accountables you commit to making a positive change to your mindset, lifestyle and direction of your business”.

Paul Elliott Smith

Owner, Word Gets Around

“My new marketing efforts have resulted in more clients!”

“Before joining enACT, I found working alone to be lonely and only having myself to sound things off made for a dull existence and business.

Since joining, the regular meetings have really helped me to keep momentum and pace in growing my business.  The other members challenge me in a positive way that makes me think outside of my box and often in other’s.  I have considered things that I wouldn’t have done before and I have tried things I wouldn’t have done before – I’ve pushed my expectations of myself.

I enjoy what I do more now than I did before and I know that my patients get more from me as a result which keeps them coming back.  I really look forward to my monthly meeting with like-minded folk keen to succeed in business. The energy in the room is fantastic. Always a lift.

To anyone considering joining an enACT Accountability Group, I would say “join today! enACT will stretch you, you’ll find out what you are really made of and truly capable of and it will ultimately reward you with more clients and a more sustainable business”.

Bridget Bath

Owner, Greenacres Chiropractice Centre

“My business has grown because I attract more clients and generate more revenue than before”

“Before enACT I struggled with focus and overwhelm which made it difficult to find the motivation to find new clients.  I decided to join enACT because I liked the idea of being able to talk with other businesses to get their perspective.

The most valuable aspect of enACT has been establishing bonds with other business owners and understanding that I am not alone with having doubts about my business. It has allowed me to think more objectively about how I run my business and to build more confidence in making decisions.

Since joining enACT I have been far more ambitious in my pricing which has resulted in more financial return and because my confidence as grown, I am much more decisive in taking action if I need to change something in my business.

To anyone considering joining an enACT Accountability Group, I would recommend it because the other perspectives from vastly different people and industries result in fresh ideas that have been attempted before and which may make all the difference”.

James Knighton

Owner, JAK Illustration & Design

“It makes me want to do what I say I will

“In such a short amount of time I have achieved absolutely amazing results.  I feel so focused, aligned and positive about what I am on this planet to do that I am now able to act on my focus and priorities and not feel scared because it all feels right for me and my business!

The most significant benefit I have received from enACT is that it provides a safe place to talk about what I really need to talk about and not what others would like me to talk about, and the main strength of the group is in the accountability it brings, because it makes me want to do what I say I will do.  It’s also a lot of fun – and for me this is important as I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t!

To anyone considering joining enACT, I  would say “Just do it!”

Charron Pugsley Hill


“My best decision this year was to join Caroline’s enACT group. She runs a tight ship focused on ensuring every member gets the maximum benefit from each session. I’d recommend you contact her and the team to try a taster session – you’ll be glad you did!”

Deborah Wylie

Deborah Wylie, People Geek

    What have you got to lose?



People who have accountability in their business achieve more and faster than those working alone