Are you a skilled Facilitator?

Do you get a kick out of enabling success for people in business?

Are you looking to grow your own business?

And would you like an additional regular income stream?

If you answered yes to these questions, we would love to talk to you about enACT LEADers!

enACT LEADers is a Business Growth Platform for Leaders of enACT, the highly supportive, collaborative and results driven growth platform for small business owners.

Asked why she chose to become an enACT Leader, Caroline Prout, enACT Leader in Peterborough says:

“As an enACT Leader, I get to do the thing I love most and grow my own business at the same time – AND I get paid to do it too!”

The core offering of enACT is the Accountability Groups which provide a monthly space for business owners to focus on their business and to incrementally and consistently grow their business through problem solving, goal setting, planning and accountability.

They bring together the principles of peer-to-peer coaching and the power of collaborative problem solving to enable members to build confidence and competence and to Do more, Leverage more and Achieve more in their business.

Our members:

Meet every month with a group of smart, driven and trusted business owners who are committed to their success

Benefit from the expertise and experience of their fellow members in a dedicated slot focused on their business

Have their results driven and supported by a robust monthly accountability process designed to keep them on track

This is all delivered through a tested meeting format and a robust accountability process facilitated by a skilled enACT Leader.

Having perfected and proven our model, we are now looking for facilitators to join enACT LEADers and to use the platform to grow their own business whilst also facilitating the personal and business growth of our enACT members. 

Is this you?

As an enACT LEADer you
ARE:Ali Leading enACT

A small business owner with credibility and a following

A confident facilitator and good on your feet

Energetic, positive minded and keen to make a difference

Committed to your own success as well as the success of others



Membership of the enACT LEADers Accountability Programme

An enhanced peer group, perceived credibility, Increased visibility and collaboration opportunities

Significant personal and business growth

An additional income stream of up to £6,000 a year for each Accountability Group you facilitate

As an enACT LEADer you COMMIT TO:

Create and build an enACT Accountability Group of 8 business owners

Facilitate the enACT meeting format and accountability process

Guide and support your members to grow their business

Participate in the enACT LEADers Accountability Programme


As an enACT LEADer you INVEST:

Your time and energy, working closely with us, to get your Group launched

One day across the month to facilitate and lead your meetings and manage the accountability process

Your guidance, advice and support to enable your members success

One day a month to drive your own business growth



If you get a kick out of enabling success for others

If you are looking to grow and/or improve your business, and

If you’d you like an additional regular income stream


Enter your details below and we’ll be in touch!

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“Leading my own accountability group means that I get to experience all the benefits of being a member and as well as an additional income stream, I have become a key person of influence in my local business community”
Ali Hollands, enACT Leader, Maidstone and Bromley

“The enACT LEADers Accountability Programme has enabled me to grow my own business.  Far more valuable than the financial reward is the group of peers I have to support me.”
Lou Macdonald, enACT Leader, Bristol and Weston

“As an enACT Leader, I get to help, support and watch the growth of my members, and I get to mastermind with Tamsen Garrie and the other enACT Leaders which helps my business grow too!”
Gary Johannes, Director Of Growth and enACT Leader, Peterborough