We are delighted to share this guest blog by long-standing enACT member and Social Media Expert, Kristian Downer of Dow Social.

Social media can be a powerful tool for businesses to reach new audiences and compete in their marketplace. However, managing an effective social media presence can be a challenge for small businesses and solopreneurs.

This is because when small businesses or solopreneurs are short of time or resources social media marketing is one of the areas that can be neglected.


Great plans can be written and created but without the accountability to implement them many businesses see their social media and other marketing activities fall by the wayside.

Symptoms of this can be abandoned or poorly social media accounts that lack an audience or influence.

These can limit the effectiveness of your social media strategy and render the time that you do send on social media ineffective. It can also create a negative brand impression as your company may look like it does not care or has stopped trading altogether.

Social Media Marketing Accountability

The downfall for most small businesses and solopreneurs is that social media is not seen as a core activity, meaning that it is left to last or sacrificed by those with 100 different tasks to compete.

A lack of specified time and resources to complete the associated tasks can doom the social media to failure even before it is fully launched.

The solution for this is for small businesses to add a level of accountability to their social media marketing. This means putting together an action plan and making someone responsible for the success or failure of the plan.

The person responsible for the social media should then be held accountable by someone in the business or a peer to ensure that the plan is implemented.

Adding accountability to your social media marketing is an effective of way of taking back control and keeping your social media marketing on track.

This is a guest blog by en-ACT member Kristian Downer a social media expert based in Peterborough


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