What some of our members say about the impact of
enACT on them and their business.

“I’ve progressed my business further than I thought possible!”

Being part of enACT has helped me progress my business further than I would have thought possible in the last six months.

It gives me the confidence and the encouragement to push things forward – and knowing I need to report on my accountables the following month really helps keep me on track.

Sam Swinstead

Managing Director, Vivo HR

“enACT has given me new clients!”

Before joining enACT, I was struggling to know exactly where to take my business including whether my business name was right and if I was even focusing on the right target market! 

enACT has given me the confidence to really look into my business (and myself) and ask myself questions which I would never have even considered. I have faced the fear of growth and I have changed my business name and in fact my target audience by bringing back skills and expertise that I had left behind in my previous business but which I actually really love to do.  

By having other business owners helping me bring my business to the forefront and making me be accountable for change, I am now moving forward with stronger values and goals than ever before. I have gained a confidence which I never had prior to enACT which has in turn given me new clients which is leading to an understanding of how to approach my sales and marketing to lead to the target market I am after.

enACT is the must-have for micro/small business owners who are seeking to gain absolute clarity and focus in their business and who are not scared of facing their biggest fears and overcoming them with the wonderful other business owners who are supportive and help you stay accountable.

To anyone considering joining, I would say “If you want to grow your business, then this is the best way to do it”.  I am absolutely thrilled to have become a part of enACT and about where I can now see my business heading.

Hazel Theocharous

Owner, Learn Grow Transform

“As a small business owner it is so easy to take your eye off your own vision – enACT ensures that you don’t!”

The main strength of enACT is the monthly focus ‘on’ my business issues and discussing them with a peer group with a broad range of experience and knowledge who can make suggestions, or share how they fixed the issue themselves. We all have an inherent need to help others. 

As a small business owner it is so easy to take your eye off your own vision, but if you truly embrace a culture of honesty and asking for help, then enACT will help you to reach it.  By setting monthly accountables you commit to making a positive change to your mindset, lifestyle and direction of your business.

Paul Elliott Smith

Owner, Word Gets Around

“I actually now feel I can achieve the growth that I want”

After being in business for 3 years, at the start of 2015 my business started a new chapter as my business partner retired and I took over the running of the business on my own.  I was excited about this prospect but also very nervous at the thought of having to manage things on my own and not having anyone to bounce things off anymore. 

Prith advised me of the enACT group and the potential benefits of being a part of this programme and it immediately felt like something I should be part of, and I was right! I have now been a part of the Cardiff enACT group for 5 months and it has been hugely beneficial for my business and me as a business owner as well.  It has allowed to me take time out of my day to day operations to concentrate on what I need to do to grow my business and I actually now feel I can achieve the growth that I want. 

More importantly the Group has provided me with a safe environment in which I can discuss my business and any concerns I have without feeling judged, and the other members are great at making valued suggestions to help with any situation.

I would highly recommend any business owner who wants to grow their business but feels that they don’t have the time or support to do so, or just doesn’t know how to, to join enACT as it really works.

Ami Jones

Owner, aible (Workplace Health and HR Solutions) Ltd

“Without enACT, I would have given up my business by now!”

I have made tremendous progress in my business thanks to enACT.  I have deeply appreciated the focus on my business which has given me greater clarity on the value I bring and how to run my business effectively by using systems. 

The key strength of enACT is accountability and the focus on the areas of your business that need it the most, whether that’s sales, marketing, people, operations or finance. 

Having a group of business owners come together for half a day to work together collaboratively opens up your mind to new possibilities.  You also learn a lot from participating in the other members business slot and it feels really good to contribute to their success.

Meeting up every month has meant that I have developed strong relationships with a group of talented business owners who have encouraged me to be more authentic and true to what I value and believe in.   I have been challenged to become the leader and driver of my business and as a result, my business has grown, and my personal happiness has increased. 

I feel incredibly blessed that I can share who I truly am and work through my business problems with the group, rather than soldiering on alone as I sense I probably would have quit and given up by now!  Instead I am reinventing myself and my business to serve my needs and make a difference to others.

If you are serious about growing your business and if you are committed to taking action then I would recommend joining enACT.  You will get immense benefit from it as long as you play full out. This means participating in the process fully, challenging yourself to take action each month, keeping in regular contact with your buddy and connecting regularly through the online group.

Emily Miller

Owner, VA Goddess

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