Gary Johannes
Inspired To Change and enACT

enACT are pleased to be sponsoring The Peterborough Biscuit event at The Peterborough Arena and will be hosting enACT TV – the seminar area of the event!

Your host on the day will be enACT Director of Growth, Gary Johannes

Realising his passion for helping people to grow and to be the best version of themselves and finding that he had a natural talent for picking leaders, Gary retrained in solution-focused hypnotherapy and founded Inspired To Change, initially his own practice and now the leading provider of solution-focused hypnotherapy services nationally.

He is also a senior lecturer for CPHT (The Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy School) in Peterborough and Birmingham where he teaches the most up to date neuro-science based hypnotherapeutic techniques to students from all over the country.  

As Director of Growth for enACT, Gary’s role is to work with new leaders to build enACT groups and to develop the enACT business community across the UK.


enACT TV is a video based education platform for small business owners with growth aspirations.

Our members from across the country freely share their knowledge, experience and perspective as well as valuable hints and tips on a wide range of business related topics.


10:00 am

Bridget Bath
Greenacres Chiropractic


Bridget will explain why a healthy spine and posture is about so much more than a good ergonomic set up of your work station and how it can infiltrate into all aspects of life: from how you sit, stand, lift, and carry to your hydration, exercise, breathing, food and sleep.

About Bridget
Having graduated in Chiropractic in 2002, Bridget has a wealth of experience running her own practice and treating a wide range of patients from all professions and ages.

She has a wide experience of many trades and the stresses they put upon the skeletal system.

Her aim is to provide effective care in a professional yet friendly environment, helping patients, if not by curing their pain and disability, then by helping them to control it and make the most of what they can do with treatment and advice on daily activities, posture, exercise and nutrition.

10:45 am

Alison Pike
Retail Post


Alison will explain why having 1000’s of followers on your social media accounts is not a short cut to sales growth and why Social Media is a marketing channel that is just as dependent on building trust and adding value as having a 1-2-1 meeting.

About Alison
Alison has built a career out of getting the right product in the right place at the right time.  Customers accept nothing less.  Twenty five years in retail has taught her that.

The same is true of social media: a few well-chosen words in a well-executed sentence posted at an optimum time and you can be talking directly with your customers and building your relationship to future-proof your sales.

Alison uses her MBA, her social media for business qualifications, and her retail strategy experience to give businesses the skills to build those higher value customer relationships.

11:30 am

Caroline Prout
Inspired To Change


Take a whistle stop tour of the brain, based on modern neuroscience with Caroline and understand, in simple terms both how your brain works and how you can use this powerful tool to create significantly more success in your life, work and relationships.

About Caroline
Caroline begun her career as a veterinary nurse, whilst also running her own successful business as a dog training instructor, followed by 15 years in the fundraising sector.

Caroline’s passion is helping people reach their potential which is what led to her retraining in clinical hypnotherapy before setting up her own hypnotherapy and training practice.   She is also Director of Inspired to Change Associates Ltd, the UK’s leading provider of solution-focused hypnotherapy services, where her role is to develop a rapidly growing team of associate hypnotherapists across the UK to build their own practices.

    enACT TV aims to provide you with the benefit of the combined years of experience of our members, to enable you to move your business forward without having to spend the time, energy and money learning the hard way!
    In each video, one of our members will share something of value that you can take action on immediately and that will benefit you or your business or both!
    Please do visit us from time to time and remember to leave a comment if you like what you hear and see!

12:15 pm

Tamsen Garrie
Alpha Associates and enACT founder


If you look up any successful entrepreneur out there, you will find that all of them, without exception, when asked how they came to be so successful, will reference some form of accountability that they leveraged in their business. We ALL need accountability, because without it we tend to let ourselves off the hook and when we have it, we get MORE done and FASTER – and let’s face it, ultimately, we get PAID on what we get DONE!

About Tamsen

Ditching a successful HR and management career at 29, Tamsen moved to Melbourne, Australia where she re-trained in Psychology, Clinical Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy and Coaching. Moving back to the UK in 2006, Tamsen embarked on the journey of self-employment and it was the combination of corporate HR and operational management, strong leadership and an inherent understanding of people that enabled her to take her first business from start-up to an associate model in just 18 months whilst also leading the growth of the business network 4Networking nationally.

She went on to write the landmark book ‘The Act Of Attraction In Business’ and to and to develop numerous business growth programmes (including enACT) and hassince been invited to write for many business books and publications.

Her experience working with thousands of businesses, training hundreds of leaders and developing dozens ofteams has resulted in a thorough understanding of the many challenges that are familiar to business owners and this coupled with her engaging communication style makes her widely sought after speaker.

13:30 pm

Siobhan Stirling
Sharp Minds Communications


Siobhan will explain how to create an effective marketing plan to accelerate your business growth by giving you strategies to identify your 4 Rs: right messages, right audiences, right voice, right channels

About Siobhan
Siobhan is a marketing communications expert who helps fast-growing businesses achieve their goals, delivering measurable ROI, including improved search engine rankings and increased website traffic, calls and sales.

An expert at communicating across all media (print, radio, television, online and marketing outputs), her specialisms are in health, parenting and communicating complex, technical subjects to diverse audiences.

A published author, she has twenty years’ experience with the BBC as a reporter and presenter on radio and TV and as a freelance writer for national newspapers and magazines, on top of a background in public relations.

14:15 pm

Mark Terrell
1st Class Coaching Solutions


Learn how you can make better career choices and create high performing teams and successful businesses by understanding what motivates you and the people you work with.  A practical session from which you will take away clear and simple strategies for improving engagement which you can immediately put into place.

About Mark
Mark joined his family retail business from school and helped to grow the business to a turnover of £3million employing 45 Staff.

After selling his share in the business he started his coaching business which is now focused on helping family businesses to overcome the problems of working with other family members.

He is Motivational Maps Practitioner/Trainer and Liberating Leadership Practitioner, which are just two of the many tools he uses when working with his clients.

14:15 pm

Sarah Stones
Plain Sailing HR


Learn how you can make better career choices and create high performing teams and successful businesses by understanding what motivates you and the people you work with.  A practical session from which you will take away clear and simple strategies for improving engagement which you can immediately put into place

About Sarah
Sarah has worked in HR for over 25 years and has gained a wealth of experience through working with charities, social enterprises and SME’s.

Her ability to establish good rapport, her enquiring mind and her interest in the whole organisation ensures she adds value to any organisation she works with.

Sarah is a Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps® and enjoys usingMotivational Mapsto help people to find out what motivates them and, importantly, give them strategies to maintain and improve their motivation.

15:00 pm

Paul Clayton


Paul Clayton FInstSMM helps successful businesses to increase their success by improving people, processes and profits.

Paul will share how the buying process is changing and specifically how sales people
need to adapt in order to succeed.

15:45 pm

Andy Lindsay


The best bit of advice I ever received was from my grandad.  He said “find something that you like to do and then get paid to do it – then it won’t feel like work”.  Andy Lindsay.  During this inspiring talk, Andy will share the story of how his business ‘MODSHOES’ went from being just a fun idea, to get some free shoes, to now being one of the main players within a niche market, in the hope that it might inspire you to perhaps take that leap of faith.

About Andy
Andy has been doing internet design more less from the start of the explosion of the internet in the late 1990s.  Whilst he enjoyed his work, he always had a desire to sell ‘a thing’ online, rather than being a service based organization.  With a passion for music and an impressive knowledge of band history and dynamics, particularly from the mod era, Andy turned his hobby into his business and now runs MODSHOES, a niche online shoe supplier.  Andy lives in Peterborough, and when not on the Net, he keeps himself busy trying to learn Boogie Woogie piano.

16:30 pm

Kristian Downer
Dow Social


LinkedIn is one of the most powerful yet underestimated social media platforms by business owners, marketers and sales teams.

This talk will outline the potential and understand where the platform fits within the sales and marketing of your business. The talk ends with some powerful tips that you can implement within your business the moment you get home.