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Siobhan Stirling, Sharp Minds Communications: www.sharpminds.agency

Siobhan is a marketing communications expert who helps fast-growing businesses achieve their goals, delivering measurable ROI, including improved search engine rankings and increased website traffic, calls and sales. 

An expert at communicating across all media (print, radio, television, online and marketing outputs), her specialisms are in health, parenting and communicating complex, technical subjects to diverse audiences. 

A published author, she has twenty years’ experience with the BBC as a reporter and presenter on radio and TV and as a freelance writer for national newspapers and magazines, on top of a background in public relations.

In this inspiring talk, Siobhan will explain how to create an effective marketing plan to accelerate your business growth by giving you strategies to identify your 4 Rs: right messages, right audiences, right voice, right channels



In this Guide Siobhan outlines The 10 key steps that will enable you to develop an effective markting plan to get your business moving


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