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Sarah Stones www.plainsailingmotivation.co.uk 

Sarah has worked in HR for over 25 years and has gained a wealth of experience through working with charities, social enterprises and SME’s. 

Her ability to establish good rapport, her enquiring mind and her interest in the whole organisation ensures she adds value to any organisation she works with. 

Sarah is a Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps® and enjoys usingMotivational Mapsto help people to find out what motivates them and, importantly, give them strategies to maintain and improve their motivation. 

In this inspiring talk Learn how you can make better career choices and create high performing teams and successful businesses by understanding what motivates you and the people you work with. A practical session from which you will take away clear and simple strategies for improving engagement which you can immediately put into place.




In this Guide Sarah shares her Understanding Motivation guide

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