You know your stuff right? And you’re passionate about doing it too!

The problem is that there are so many different aspects to running a business that you can’t possibly know it all.

There’s marketing, sales, operations, finance, systems, IT, and then there’s delivering the service you provide to your clients or customers!



Everywhere you look someone is luring you to a webinar or seminar on their specialist subject.  How can you possibly learn, digest and apply all of these aspects of running a business?

The short answer is you can’t.

The fact is that none of us have a full skill set and, even if we have the ability to learn everything we think we need to know, it is not just not efficient use of our time to try and become an expert in everything!

The answer is to accept (remember ‘acceptance’ from a few weeks ago?!) that you don’t know it all! Accept that you lack capability in certain areas and, more than that, be grateful that you do because, if you didn’t, then arguably you would not excel at the bit you are bloody brilliant at!

So go on, what are you bad at?

What do you really dislike doing and therefore do really badly?  What would you not even attempt to do because you don’t know how or where to start, or because you know you’d mess it up, but you know is a weakness in your business as a result?

Write it down! But don’t beat yourself up about it.  For now, celebrate the fact that having this weakness enables you to be strong in the areas you love by sharing it on the enACT Community Facebook Page!

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