Founder and Director – Tamsen Garrie

Her Business Career

Ditching a successful HR and Operational Management career in the Oil & Gas and Investment Banking industries, Tamsen moved to Melbourne, Australia where over 4 years, she re-trained in Psychology, Clinical Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, Coaching, NLP and Conflict Resolution.

Moving back to the UK in 2006, she embarked on the journey of self-employment through necessity, setting up her own Clinical Practice working one-to-one with clients.

Spotting the need to build her network, she joined 4Networking, then a small aspiring business network in the South West of England.

Over 18 months, Tamsen used the 4Networking marketing platform to build a successful clinical practice which she took from start-up to an associate model in just 18 months. Meanwhile, she developed the 4Networking business in South Wales from one business networking group to a Region of 16 groups in just 8 months.  Tamsen was asked to join the board of 4Networking as Network Director for the UK in August 2008.

It was the powerful combination of corporate HR and operational management, strong leadership and an inherent understanding of people that enabled her to develop the infrastructure, including the leadership team and the systems, processes and training to enable the growth of 4Networking from that small local business network into the national business that it was when she sold her shares in 2011.

She went on to write the landmark book The Act Of Attraction In Business and to develop numerous business growth programmes, including her online programmes Twelve Steps To Traction and VMA For Business, her unique team and leadership development programme, The Team Alignment Method and the business growth platform enACT.

Tamsen has since written for many business books and both online and offline business publications and is often invited to speak at business growth events all around the country.  

Her experience working with thousands of businesses, training hundreds of leaders and developing dozens of teams has resulted in a thorough understanding of the many challenges that are familiar to business owners and this coupled with her engaging communication style and her ability to work with all types of people makes her uniquely placed to work with businesses to develop the Vision, the Mindset and the Strategy to enable both personal and business success.

Her Passion and Purpose

Realising at the age of 29, having achieved all of her goals, that all she’d really done is ‘successfully’ walk herself into being miserable, Tamsen threw her life up in the air (literally) and moved 12,000 miles away in pursuit of her purpose.  What may have looked (and felt!) like a mid-life crisis to those around her, turned out to be an incredible journey of self-discovery and personal growth and led to Tamsen’s realisation that her true motivational driver was in enabling people to be the very best version of themselves.

The Secret to her Success

Asked what the secret is to her success, she says “As a result of my work and my studies, I have learnt so much about people, about the human mind and about human behaviour.  I have learnt that we are ultimately responsible for all outcomes in our lives, and I have learnt that success in any area of life, including business, comes as a result of aligning our activity: our ‘internal activity’ with our ‘external activity’.  As a result of this, I strive for alignment in everything I do, both in my personal life and my working life and I operate from a point of integrity at all times which I believe instills confidence in people that I can and will deliver.”

What she get’s up to

When not creating tools to enable businesses to grow, Tamsen loves nothing more than jumping in her car or on a plane and discovering new places.  She can also be found with her head buried in personal growth books, indulging in four hour massages or hanging out with friends and family.

How to get in touch with her

Twitter: tamsengarrie

And to contact her direct about anything enACT related:

Text/Call: 07525 234 180

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“Leading my own accountability group means that I get to experience all the benefits of being a member and as well as an additional income stream, I have become a key person of influence in my local business community”
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