Leader Bristol – Niki Matyjasik

Her Business Career

Leaving college with a BTEC in Business and Finance, Niki worked for Mercedes Benz initially before joining the buying team at Somerfield. Over 15 years, Niki climbed the management ladder, reaching Buyer and Category Manager level, where she was responsible for sourcing a wide range of different produce from wine, to flowers, to chicken and home entertainment.

Niki later embarked on the journey of self employment, initially in network marketing and then as a project manager delivering projects for small and medium sized companies.

Her Passion and Purpose

With a love of personal development, a natural talent for spotting growth opportunities and the enviable skill of creating systems and processes to reduce frustration and overwhelm, Niki’s passion is helping others to develop and achieve their full potential.

In her business ‘Business Buddy’, Niki works with small and medium size businesses who feel isolated and are are frustrated with where they are, but who want to reach the next level of growth. She helps them to prioritize and create an action plan and she’s then on hand to help out with implementation and to keep them on track and accountable so that they achieve their goals.

Niki also has a passion for fashion and plans to develop her own range of dresses in the future!

This combination of experience, skills and attributes makes her an ideal enACT Leader. Niki facilitates the enACT Accountability Group in Bristol.

The Secret to her Success

Asked what the secret is to her success, Niki says: “I have my goals in sight at all times which means that I am positive and motivated. Whilst I am a straight talker, I don’t tell people what to do. I make suggestions and provide tools to enable those suggestions to be implemented easily. All the suggestions I make are based on my own experience working with businesses and I also walk my talk which means that my clients know there’s nothing I have suggested that I haven’t implemented or wouldn’t implement myself in my own business.”

Why she is an enACT Leader

And when asked why she leads an enACT Group (in other words, what’s in it for her!), she says:

“I was keen to grow my business and so I became an enACT member. I achieved great results in my business as a result of the structure and my turnover in my business is now five times what it was 18 months ago. I owe a huge amount of that growth to enACT. I love to help other business grow & develop & being part of that journey as a leader with likeminded business owners is very rewarding”.

What she get’s up to!

When not helping businesses grow, Niki can be found running fashion workshops during Bristol fashion week, attending (and crewing at) personal development events and hanging out with her best friend – her daughter Charlotte!

How to get in touch with her

Website: www.nikimatyjasik.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nikimatyjasikbusinessbuddy

And to contact her direct about her enACT Accountability Group:

Email: niki@matyjasik.co.uk
Text/Call: 07720 887080

Why we choose
to be part of

enACT LEADers!

“Leading my own accountability group means that I get to experience all the benefits of being a member and as well as an additional income stream, I have become a key person of influence in my local business community.”

Ali Hollands
Leader – Maidstone

“The enACT LEADers Accountability Programme has enabled me to grow my own business. Far more valuable than the financial reward is the group of peers I have to support me.”

Lou Macdonald
Leader – Weston