Lisa Wolfe – enACT Leader – Canterbury

Her Business Career

Having left school at 16 with fairly decent qualifications to pursue a career in dancing, crunch time came when Lisa reached 17 and decided she was bored!  On a whim, she decided to enlist in the RAF, where she served overseas on numerous operational tours in support of specialist teams before she ‘retired’ in 2003.

Qualified with a degree in Psychology, together with diplomas in Clinical Aromatherapy, CBT, NLP and a HPD in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Lisa has now worked in the Mental Health field for approximately 17 years where her achievements include delivering a Big Lottery funded project for a Mental Health charity and reaching £250,000 in sales in six months whilst working in the direct sales industry as a personal development coach.



Why we choose to be part of
enACT LEADers!

Her Passion and Purpose

With first hand experience of the challenges and life-long implications of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) on veterans, their families and civilians, Lisa is dedicated to implementing change to how victims of PTSD are supported to stop the nightmares and flashbacks, and to give them and their families both hope of, and the reality of, a positive future.  She fully intends to lead the way with this and whilst her current goal is to work alongside a suitable charity, educating and supporting those who need specialist advice, if that’s not possible, she will create her own foundation to do just that!

Lisa’s work also extends to working with people suffering from stress, anxiety and lack of confidence, using modern, clinically proven techniques to get their lives back on track, feeling happy, confident and looking forward to a positive future.

This combination of experience, skills and attributes makes her an ideal enACT Leader.  Lisa facilitates the enACT Accountability Group in Canterbury.

The Secret to her Success

Asked what the secret is to her success, Lisa says  “Trust and authenticity are two of my core values.  I have energy and courage and I’m persistent.  I take calculated chances and I hardly ever back down.  During Gulf War II, I co-ordinated the movement of approx 3000 troops overseas and then joined them in the operational theatre. I don’t like flying! In fact, I have been described as bullet proof!  If you knock me down, expect me to get up (and come after you!)  I can also dance in heels!”

Why she is an enACT Leader

And when asked why she leads an enACT Group (in other words, what’s in it for her!), she says:

“I love the process that enACT offers, and when adhered to, great things happen.  Its simplicity makes it what it is – and group members can see the value immediately.  I really enjoy sharing the process with my group, and watching their businesses flourish.

For me personally, throughout my career I’ve also had a trusted circle around me, whether that was serving on an operational tour or otherwise, and what I discovered very quickly with enACT was that it offered me exactly the same.  There’s an absolute strength in numbers, and in business, you need to surround yourself with people who you can trust, and who want you to succeed.  The enACT formula offers exactly that, and because of this, EVERYONE sees their business grow, change or become more stable.”

What she get’s up to!

When not helping people to overcome challenges and to develop and grow themselves personally and their business’s, Lisa can be heard raving about her ‘rockstar’ teenage son and how he is going to ‘run the country at some point’!  With Lisa as his mother, there’s every chance he’ll do just that – if he chooses!

How to get in touch with her

Twitter: lisawolfe472

And to contact her direct about her enACT Accountability Group:

Text/Call: 07402 868 658


“I was keen to grow my business and so I became an enACT member. I achieved great results as a result of the structure and my turnover is now five times what it was 18 months ago – I owe a huge amount of that growth to enACT. Because I love to help other businesses grow, being part of that journey for them as an enACT Leader is very rewarding”.

Niki Matyjasik
Leader – 

“Leading my own accountability group means that I get to experience all the benefits of being a member and as well as an additional income stream, I have become a key person of influence in my local business community.”

Ali Hollands
Leader – Maidstone