Caroline Prout – enACT Leader – Peterborough

Her Business Career

Having begun her career as a veterinary nurse, specialising in animal behaviour, whilst also building and running her own successful business as a dog training instructor based in North London, Caroline is very familiar with the challenges faced by small business owners.

A move to the Midlands, led her to the charity sector where she spent an impressive 15 years in fundraising, raising significant sums of money through building partnerships with corporations with social responsibility awareness, for a variety of causes, including the homeless charity St Mungo’s, The Woodland Trust and the Wildlife Trust.


Why we choose to be part of 

enACT LEADers!

Her Passion and Purpose

Caroline’s passion and purpose is helping people reach their full potential and it is this that led to her retraining in clinical hypnotherapy before setting up her own hypnotherapy practice in Northampton where she helps people who want to take back control from stress and anxiety that holds them back and prevents them from reaching their full potential.

She says “Imagine waking up every morning with a calm, focused mind, having absolute confidence that you excel at what you do. What difference would that make to your day? That is just the kind of result I get for my clients and it is frequently life changing for them”.

Caroline is also Director of Inspired to Change Associates Ltd, the UK’s leading provider of solution-focused hypnotherapy services, where her role is to lead, support and develop a rapidly growing team of associate hypnotherapists across the UK, enabling them to build and run their own successful practices.

This combination of experience and skills makes her an ideal enACT Leader.  Caroline facilitates the original enACT Accountability Group in Peterborough, a group which has developed and evolved over the past 2.5 years and continues to thrive having seen members join and move on after significant growth.

The Secret to her Success

Asked what the secret is to her success, Caroline says “I make things happen – ideas turn into reality when I am around.  I have an uncommon (so I am told!) ability to see both the big picture and the detail and this gives me a valuable perspective on any situation, enabling me to come up with creative solutions to any problem with ease!  I am told that my enthusiasm and drive are infectious, so others achieve more just by being around me and of course, my understanding of how the brain works means that I know how to get the best out of both myself and others.”  She says “I believe that our brains are the most amazing organ, but that we use very little of its’ full capacity on a day to day basis.  Unlocking this potential in people really is the best job in the world and I’m lucky enough to be doing that in all my roles!”

Why she is an enACT Leader

And when asked why she leads an enACT Group (in other words, what’s in it for her!), she says:

“I love being an enACT leader – it fits so naturally with my other roles and being able to use my skills to facilitate a group brings a great balance to my work for me as most of my clinical work is done one-to-one.

The genuinely supportive nature of the groups still astounds me at every meeting – the way the groups are structured and crafted encourages this to happen very quickly and because every member has the support and backing of both the members in their group and those in the wider enACT community, there is no better team to have behind you!”

What she get’s up to!

When not helping people to reach their full potential, Caroline can be found hanging out with her 4 cats, her 6 chickens and numerous tropical fish – yes, she’s still mad about animals!

How to get in touch with her

Twitter: carolineprout

And to contact her direct about her enACT Accountability Group:

Text/Call: 07729 801247

“There’s an absolute strength in numbers, and in business, you need to surround yourself with people who you can trust, and who want you to succeed. The enACT formula offers exactly that, and because of this, EVERYONE sees their business grow, change or become more stable.”

Lisa Wolfe
Leader – Canterbury

“I was keen to grow my business and so I became an enACT member. I achieved great results as a result of the structure and my turnover is now five times what it was 18 months ago – I owe a huge amount of that growth to enACT. Because I love to help other businesses grow, being part of that journey for them as an enACT leader is very rewarding”.

Niki Matyjasik
Leader – Bristol