Leader Maidstone – Ali Hollands

Her Business Career

Having worked in small business almost exclusively, before going into business for herself, Ali Hollands is very familiar with the challenges faced by small business owners.  Her impressive business career has seen her run her own sales and marketing copywriting business, launch a hypnotherapy school as Director of Marketing, build, lead and run the largest joined up business network in Kent and build her own successful Hypnotherapy practice in Maidstone.

She is also a writer, a speaker and a workshop facilitator on the mind, hypnotic language, anxiety and performance and how to achieve personal and professional success.

Her Passion and Purpose

Ali’s passion and purpose is to facilitate the road to brilliance for people who as she puts it: “want to do stuff, but are holding back!” She says “I am all about people getting to be their most brilliant selves, starting with the premise that everyone is perfect and perfectly capable of doing whatever they desire”. Ali’s job is to uncover that brilliance and how best to make it shine.

This combined with her natural leadership and exceptional facilitation ability makes her an ideal enACT Leader.

The Secret to her Success

Asked what the secret to her success is, she says “I’m very good in seeing the positive, not in a fluffy way, but in a ‘how can we spin this to your advantage’ way. Although I’m very serious about results, I approach it in a light hearted and playful way which means the tough stuff gets easier and the enjoyable stuff is even better. I’ve got an eye for a good ‘personal story’ and the stuff that makes people want to hook into you as a business owner and I’m pretty awesome with language and how the brain works too.”

Why she is an enACT Leader

And when asked why she leads two accountability groups (in other words, what’s in it for her!), she says:

“Being part of the local business community is important to me! I love small business; the speed, innovation, motivation and personal drivers fascinate and excite me and because Kent is the home of small business in the UK, I am perfectly placed to have a positive impact.

Also, seeing people succeed gives me a massive buzz and as an enACT Leader, I get to see this consistently – the breakthroughs, both personal and professional, are amazing and when someone gets to let go of the past and step into their future…I get chills, it’s electrifying.

I also learn a whole host of business skills I could never hope to acquire without running my enACT Groups.”

What she get’s up to!

When not facilitating success for people Ali can be found continuing her education in all things brain, performance and anxiety related, hanging out with her dogs and her daughters, indoor and outdoor climbing, at the beach, shoe shopping or at Rock Choir.

How to get in touch with her

Website: www.inspiredtochange.biz
Twitter: alihollands
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AliHollands8 or www.facebook.com/inspiredtochangemaidstone

And to contact her direct about one of her enACT Accountability Groups:

Email: ali@inspiredtochange.biz
Text/Call: 07957 573681

Why we choose to be part of 

enACT LEADers!

“The enACT LEADers Accountability Programme has enabled me to grow my own business.  Far more valuable than the financial reward is the group of peers I have to support me.”


Lou Macdonald
Leader – Weston

“There’s an absolute strength in numbers, and in business, you need to surround yourself with people who you can trust, and who want you to succeed.  The enACT formula offers exactly that, and because of this, EVERYONE sees their business grow, change or become more stable.”


Lisa Wolfe
Leader – Canterbury