Dedicated time and support for your business every month 

enACT helps you to navigate the challenges that come with owning a business.  

Even when you’re highly motivated to succeed, none of us have the knowledge, skills and experience to tackle every aspect of business well.

It can soon feel overwhelming. There’s nobody to bounce ideas off.  Business plans get shelved.  And mundane (but business critical) tasks languish on your to-do list for weeks.

This is why even the world’s most successful entrepreneurs rely on the support and guidance of coaches, mentors, and mastermind groups to drive their business success.

How will enACT help your business?

enACT is Business Masterminding in its purest sense:

It provides a structured and supportive setting in which up to eight skilled business owners and a competent leader take time every month to focus on your business.

Unlike one-to-one business coaching where you’re guided by one person, the peer-to-peer coaching and collective problem solving that happens at an enACT meeting create the powerful ‘mastermind’ effect.

Your group will inspire and motivate you. They will guide and support you.  They will also challenge you and drive you to take the actions necessary to grow your business.

“enACT has provided me with a safe
and confidential environment to
discuss my business and any concerns I have without feeling judged, and the other members are great at making valuable suggestions to help with any situation.”

Ami Jones, Owner

aible (Workplace Health & HR)

“As a small business owner it’s easy to take your eye off your own vision, but if you truly embrace the culture, enACT will help you to reach it.  By committing to monthly accountables, you commit to making a positive change to your mindset, lifestyle and business”.

Paul Elliott Smith

Word Get's Around

If you’re looking for real Masterminding, as opposed to expert-led group coaching and mentoring… This is the REAL deal.

Ready to try it?

The benefits of enACT are three-fold: 
1. ACCOUNTABILITY to keep you on track
Did you know you are 50% more effective when someone you trust is holding you to account?  This is one of the main drawbacks of being a one-man-band: it can be easy to let yourself off the hook.

When you have someone to answer to, you are guaranteed to achieve more, and faster and at enACT, we make sure of it!

We help you to create your vision, define purposeful actions and hold you accountable so that you eliminate procrastination and drive your business in the right direction.

2. COLLABORATION to help you grow
Every member of enACT brings their own unique combination of expertise, experience, and perspective which they commit to sharing with the group.

Whether you’re struggling with a specific issue, need help making a decision, or input on the direction of your business, your group’s insights can help you grow in both confidence and competence.

Sharing your own ideas and perspective is also incredibly gratifying when you see the difference it can make to someone else’s business.

3. TRAINING to develop your knowledge and skills
The enACT Toolchest provides short videos and sessions, which are easy to digest and implement, in four key areas of business: Sales and Marketing, People, Operations and Finance.  They will help you develop your knowledge and skills and increase your confidence to drive your business forwards.

Is enACT right for you?

What tangible results can you expect to see?

enACT’s supportive and results-driven environment is geared towards your business success.

Whether you’re seeking help in the areas of Sales & Marketing, People, Operations, or Fiinance, you will see incremental, consistent, and measurable progress, every month.

Our members have used enACT to:
  • Create a vision that motivates action
  • Set achieveable and actionable goals
  • Create a clear business plan
  • Improve their business model
  • Define their pricing strategy
  • Create packages that sell
  • Improve business processes
  • Automate their marketing systems
  • Increase sales results
  • Maximise profits

Three reasons to join enACT

1. Direction and Guidance
Benefit from the expertise, experience, and perspectives of a trusted group of highly skilled, passionate and driven business owners all working to help you grow your business.
2. Support and Encouragement
Grow in confidence, personally and professionally, as you tackle aspects of your business that previously felt daunting, with the full support of your peers.
3. Robust Accountability
Set goals, make plans, follow-through, keep on track and make consistent monthly progress – because we make sure of it!

Try it for yourself!

Either enquire now about a group near you, or attend one of our FREE Taster Sessions.

Discover how peer-to-peer coaching and collaboration can help you achieve consistent business growth

People who have accountability in their business achieve more and faster than those working alone

Join an enACT Mastermind Group for a fraction of the costs of a dedicated Business Coach

“In just 5 months, we have seen a 20% increase in revenue!

Before I joined enACT, we had lots of work but I personally had no one to hold me accountable for working ON the business.

My experience of enACT has been very positive and productive.  It has given me headspace and a valuable sounding board, and being held accountable and having to front up to local business owners every month has driven me to complete my actions.

Since joining there has been a massive improvement in my business in terms of its systems and processes and as a result, in just 5 months, we have seen a 20% increase in revenue!” Steve Smith

Sphere Health & Safety Risk Management

“My progress has been stratospheric since joining enACT.  

The most significant benefit I have received is being able to accept and give support from and to other group members. 

The collaboration is great and through being challenged and challenging others, it gives you an entirely new perspective on your business, as well as the confidence to have a go. Katie Day