As you’ve been directed to this page, someone (most likely an enACT Leader or member) obviously feels that enACT is a good fit for you.

Now, they may know why it’s a good fit, but you’re probably wondering what it’s all about!

This video explains all!

“I now have a team where before I was completely alone. Before I joined enACT, I knew what I was doing in terms of my work, but as a business, it was all a bit overwhelming.  Working through the vision process was invaluable to me and it has given me a very definite destination to work towards, which the monthly enACT meetings have helped me to break up into bite-sized milestones! I now have great focus and drive as well as a team, I feel more confident and comfortable with my business and what I can offer and I have increased sales!
Paul Furness, Petal To The Metal