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Facilitated by enACT Leader,  Niki Matyjasik of Business Buddy, this Accountability Group meets on the first Tuesday of the month in, Bristol City Center.

  • If you RECOGNISE that you don't have the full toolkit to build and run a business...
  • If you ACCEPT that it's easier to do so when you leverage the strengths of others...
  • If you're COMMITTED to moving your business forwards...
  • And if you are prepared to INVEST in doing so at a truly accessible price point...

    Niki would LOVE to talk to you!

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Hear What Our Members Say About our Group!

“I don't know what I'd have done without enACT.  Within one month I'd got a new accountant, within two, a new website and within six, my first employee.  
Give enACT a go, you won't regret it."

Ali Walsh

The Local Bakehouse

“As a small business owner, you sometimes struggle with motivation and enACT helps to keep you focused.  
If you've got a problem, it get's solved and month by month your business moves forward with the support of the group.”

Paul Elliott Smith

Word Get's Around

 I'd recommend enACT to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level.  Having a group of business owners help me with my business challenges and goals has been massively beneficial.”

Niki Matyjasik

Diamind Aces

And Read What Members From Across The UK Say...

I made FIVE times more money after 5 months in enACT than I made in the previous 5 years!  Without enACT I would never have been so honest about my business challenges and therefore would never have overcome them. Do it, do it, do it!.”


Professional Artist

If you are fortunate enough to be invited to join an enACT group, don’t think twice about it!
The power of a group of diverse but likeminded people working together on my business challenges every month is what got my business working again!


Fair Contract Associates

My progress has been stratospheric since joining enACT.
The support of the other members, and knowing there is a safe place to question my actions and thoughts is priceless.
Do it, go in open minded and play full out from day one!



"It's like having a room full of business consultants at a
fraction of the cost!

The small group of expert support and the confidentiality is the main value and the implementation of the advice received has given me a better business structure."


Core Financial Services

It has allowed to me take time out of my day to day
operations to concentrate on growing my business.

I actually now feel I can achieve the growth that I want.  
I would highly recommend any business that wants to grow join enACT as it really works


aible (HR Solutions) Ltd

Without enACT, I would have given up my business by now!
The key strength is in the monthly focus on the areas of your business that need it mostIf you are serious about growing your business and committed to taking action then I would recommend joining enACT.


The VA Goddess

THEY have benefitted from enACT!
What will the impact be on YOU and YOUR business?

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A great meeting today in some great business goals for the next month



Great  meeting - your energy was up there today and you've all come away with great things to focus on in the next month!



Thanks for a great couple of days Masterminding   



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Frequently Asked Questions


As business owners, it’s our responsibility to create our business Vision, it’s our responsibility to create the Strategy and Plan to achieve it and it’s also down to us to take the necessary Action to make it happen.  However, let’s be honest, being responsible for these things isn’t always enough motivation to do it is it? 

We need to be ANSWERABLE for them too!  When we intentionally leverage the power of ANSWERABILITY, we get MORE done and FASTER!


This enACT Accountability Group brings together the principles of peer-to-peer coaching and the power of collaborative problem solving, backed up with a robust accountability process to enable you to move your business forwards consistently month on month. 

Our members make dramatic and consistent progress in their business every single month. WE MAKE SURE OF IT!


You invest one afternoon a month to focus ON your business.  You benefit from the experience, expertise and differing perspectives of the group in a slot dedicated to your business challenges, where you discover the optimum solution to give you the biggest impact

You commit to the group specific and manageable actions that you will take to move your business forward in the coming month. 

And the supportive group holds you to account to ensure that you deliver so that your business results improve dramatically and consistently month on month.


Any improvement or growth in your business requires an investment and enACT is no different.  There is the investment of your time which equates to one day a month over the month, there is an investment of your energy and your commitment, both to your own success and to the success of the other members in the group, and there's an investment of your money of just £125 per month a fraction of the cost of a decent business coach