Are you ready for the next level in your business?

Do you lack some of the knowledge and skills to grow?

And are you tired of trying to do it alone?

enACT was created for YOU!

The best thing about having your own business is…  also your greatest weakness!

You’re not ANSWERABLE to anyone!

As small business owners, it’s our responsibility to create our business vision and the strategy to achieve it. It’s also down to us to take the action necessary to make it reality.  However, whilst in an ideal world, responsibility would be enough, the reality is, we need to be answerable too!

Join enACT and leverage the power of peer-to-peer coaching, collaborative problem solving and accountability to drive your business growth!

We don’t doubt for a minute that you’re committed to your business and to your success.  We know that you work hard and that you put in the hours.  And, we know you’re getting somewhere… but… are you getting where you want to be?

Accountability is essential in business, because when someone else has a vested interest in your success to the extent that they will actively seek to see you achieve it, you achieve more and faster!

Imagine being part of a community where:

You meet every month with a small group of smart, driven and trusted business owners who are committed to YOUR success

You receive the benefit of the collective input and advice from the group in a dedicated slot focused on YOUR business

Your business’ results are driven by a robust monthly accountability process to keep YOU on track

Your business’ results improve consistently month on month

Our members move their business forward consistently month on month, improving their business model and processes, automating marketing systems, increasing sales and maximising profits – we make sure of it!



“In just 5 months, we’ve seen a 20% increase in revenue!”
Steve Smith, Sphere H&S

“I made more money in 5 months in enACT than I did in the previous 5 years!”
Debs Burrow, Inspired To Paint

“Now I’m focused on the right thing and so revenue is up!” Eddie Johnson, Hat Trick Media

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